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Marcia Hines is one of Australia’s most loved and successful performers in the History of Australian Music.  Hines arrived in Australia on a six month contract and all these decades later, she has become a permanent resident.

Marcia Elaine Hines was born 20 July 1953 in Boston, Massachusetts USA.  Hines started her musical career in 1966 using the stage name Shantee Renee.  In 1970, she moved to Australia to star in the stage production of “Hair” She was the youngest person in the world at the time to play a featured role in Hair. 

In 1970, at the age of 17, whilst living in Australia, Hines became pregnant and later gave birth to her only child “Deni”.

In 1972, Hines was picked to star as Mary Magdalene in the Australian production of “Jesus Christ Superstar” and became to world’s first dark skinned Mary.  The shows success was astounding, and ran for nearly two years.

In 1974, Hines took a manager, Peter Rix, and gets a recording contract through Wizzard Records.

In 1975, she releases her first debut single.  It was a cover of James Taylors “Fire and Rain”.  She then goes to Russia, to tour with The Daly Wilson Big Band.  Just before her return, her debut album “Marcia Shines” is released and becomes the biggest selling album by an Australian female artist at that time.

In 1976, she was ready to release a followup album, “Shining”, which also included her #1 hit “I just don’t know what to do with myself”.  This same year, Hines was crowned Queen of Pop.

In 1977, Hines releases a third consecutive album “Ladies & Gentlemen, Marcia Hines”.  Following this, she goes on two tours, “Shining all over Australia” and “Ladies and Gentlemen – Marcia Hines”.  Her single titled “You” hits #1 on the Australian singles chart, and she is crowned “Queen of Pop” for a second time.

1978, and a forth album.  “Marica Hines Live Across Australia” .  It becomes her forth top 10 album and once again, yes you got it right, she is crowned Queen of Pop for a third consecutive year.

Also in 1978, Hines is given her own variety show on the ABC called “Marcia’s Music”.  At the end of the year, a second series was announced.

1979, and Hines releases a forth studio album titled “Ooh Child”.  This included #1 hit “Somethings Missing” and “Where did we go wrong”.

1981, and Hines’ contract with Wizzard is finished, so she heads off to London for three months to work along side producer David McKay.  The album they both work together on is released and titled “Take it from the Boys” and features another #1 hit, “Your love still brings me to my knees”.  “Many Rivers to Cross” was the second single from the album, and not only did Hines have success back home in Oz and New Zealand, but it had her first European chart breakthrough, in Holland.  Sadly for Hines, she was to receive some bad news on top of her success.  Her mother rang her in London to tell her that her brother Dwight, had committed suicide.   Hines dedicated the album to her brothers memory.

1982, Hines teams up with another Australian artist Jon English and they go on the road together.  The “Jokers & Queens” tour runs for nearly two years.

Hines then releases the “Love Sides” album, again produced by David McKay.  She becomes the first Australian female artist to have seven consecutive Top 20 albums. 

1984 and Hines puts her career on hold to focus on being a mother to Deni.

In 1987, Hines takes to the stage in a play “Jerry’s Girls” alongside Judi Connelli and Jeannie Little.

1994 and Hines gets a new contract with Warner Music.  She later releases “Right Here and Now”.

1999, and another album release, “Time Of Our Lives” and in 2000, she releases the song “Rise” the theme song for Australia’s Olympic team.

2002, Hines joins the musical “Oh! What a Night” and later also stars as one of the many Aussie Artists, in the national “Long Way To The Top” tour.

2003, and her beloved mother Esme dies after she moves over to Australia to be with Hines and her daughter Deni and joins the cast of “Australian Idol” as a judge.

2004 another album release “Hinesight” this time produced by Australian producer John Foreman.  It enters the Aussie charts at #12.

2006, and Hine releases “Discotheque” which is a collection of dance classics, produced by Paul Wiltshire.  It enters the Aussie charts at #6 and then goes gold.

In 2007, Hines is inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame.  She has a guest star role in the Australian Drama “Neighbours” and returns to Australian Idol for the fifth series and then leaves again.  On the back of all of this, she releases another album “Marcia Hines : Life” and the goes on national tour with friend Lionel Richie.

In 2009, for her services to the entertainment and music industry, she was added to the Queens Honors list and appointed a Member of the Order of Australia.

Hines has been married four times, and is currently married to Christopher Morrissey, a medical practitioner.  Hines grew up with asthma, and as a result of her attacks, she missed quite a bit of school.  In 1966, Hines collapsed in her home and it was later diagnosed that she had diabetes. 



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